I make functional pots designed for both use and display. Making pots that are both highly functional and visually attractive is one of thechallenges I enjoy most about being a functional potter. All of my pottery is reduction fired to cone 10 and is therefore made to be durable and restaurant-quality. 


My business partner, Matt Fishman, and I work out of a studio in West Oakland called Lutum Workshop. Our small studio is located inside a larger compound called O2 Artisans Aggregate. Please sign up for my mailing list if you would like to be notified about upcoming in-person sales or open studios. 


I take custom orders from both my standard line and natural line of work. Please contact me for inquiries.


Find more of my pots on Etsy: https://kategibbsceramics.etsy.com


Photo by Hubbard M. Jones Photography